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Virgin Oil International (Pvt) Ltd.


Mr. Sarath C. Samarasinghe – FCMI Chairman

Is currently also the Chairman of Biomed International (PVT) Ltd. and counts over 35 years of experience in the industry, particularly in commerce & trade. He served as the Group General Manager of Colombo Commercial Group of companies which was a premier trading company in Sri Lanka at the time. The group consisted of companies such as Ceylon Manufacturers & Merchants Limited, Colombo Commercial (Teas) Ltd., Acland Finance & Investments Ltd. & Essential Oils Ltd., all of which functioned as semi-government organizations within the purview of the Ministry of Trade & Shipping.

With years of rich experience in diverse industries, his entrepreneurial spirit drove him into mooting BMI in the year 1989 of which he continues to serve as the Chairman. He is also the Chairman of its subsidiary companies – SAF International (Pvt.) Ltd.  & Biomed Imaging Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.

Mr. Mervin Stephen Gonawela - Managing Director

Mr. Mervin Stephen Gonawela has a multi faceted track record as a result oriented, innovative entrepreneur and dynamic businessman with extensive experience in the fields of;

o Retail & wholesale marketing,
o Local & International trading,
o Imports & exports,
o Production of international quality food products

Mr. Gonawela has a wide and varied international work experience having being employed in a senior management capacity in France, Vietnam and USA. Additionally, he has travelled extensively to many parts of the world for business purposes.
However, what makes Mr. Gonawela outstanding is his rare and exceptional ability of transforming moribund and rapidly deteriorating companies into healthy, vigorous, profit making organizations with a solid financial base.
Therefore, this Food processing factory has emerged as his new innovative initiative to make a timely value addition to Sri Lankan Coconut Cultivation and thereby generate more foreign exchange and provide employment opportunities to the nation.

Mr. Chehan Samarasinghe – BSc. Eng. - Director

Mr. Chehan Samarasinghe who has experience in the medical industry of over 15 years is an Engineer by profession. He has undergone extensive training in Hematology Analyzers with “Coulter Electronics – UK (Now Beckmann/Coulter – S.A.) and product training on Aesculap Neuro and General Surgical Instruments. He has also been trained with East Wood Park – UK as an authorized person to carry-out medical gas projects to HTM 2022 standards.

He also serves as the Managing Director of its subsidiary companies – SAF International (Pvt.) Ltd.
& Biomed Imaging Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.